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Grilla Pro Wood Pellet Smoker Grill

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The Grilla Pro wood pellet smoker grill features convection grilling airflow for Pro-Smoke barbecue smoke flavor. Grilla's EvenTemp Chamber, Keep Heat Swing Lid and Never Flare Flavor Disk produce a consistent heat and smoke level in the cooking chamber. The Grilla Pro wood pellet grills also has a convertible, two-tiered stainless... Read more >

The Grilla Pro wood pellet smoker grill features convection grilling airflow for Pro-Smoke barbecue smoke flavor. Grilla's EvenTemp Chamber, Keep Heat Swing Lid and Never Flare Flavor Disk produce a consistent heat and smoke level in the cooking chamber. The Grilla Pro wood pellet grills also has a convertible, two-tiered stainless steel cooking surface and Set ‘n Forget digital controls. Autostart means no matches, lighter fluid or gas are required. The Grilla Pro wood pellet smoker grill also comes equipped with EZ glide wheels, flame viewing window, a powder-coat finish, and a stainless-steel work surface.

Grilla Pro Wood Pellet Smoker Grill Features:

One of the reasons the Grilla is such a hot commodity is its heating technology. The Grilla comes equipped with an auto ignition and a set ‘n forget digital control system so you don’t have to be glued to your grill all day long. The digital controls will let you adjust the heat between 180 and 500 degrees in 5 degree increments, which allows you tremendous cooking flexibility. The included digital control panel and meat probe displays both the grill’s current temperature and the current temperature of your meat. The control panel also makes sure pellets are fed through the firepot continuously. The Grilla’s design also helps you avoid flare ups due to its Never Flare Flavor Disc and the blower fan. This keeps the flames away from your food and also allows for convection style cooking. On top of all these features, the burn grate and firepot are both made of durable stainless steel.

The Grilla’s unique shape provides some very real benefits. For one, the round shape eliminates hot and cold corners. Also, the unique swinging lid allows you to keep heat in when you check on your food, and you can also leave it partially open with zero effort, letting you work with two hands if necessary.

The Grilla Pro's Interior:

The Grilla’s interior provides a lot of flexibility for your barbecues as well. The upper grate pops out allowing you room for whole chickens, turkeys and roasts. The fire area is insulated, and the grates are made from ¼-inch stainless steel rod. Here’s how the interior measures up:

  • Main Cooking Area: 21=346″
  • Upper Cooking Area: 142″
  • Total Cooking Area: 488″

The Grilla Pro's Exterior:

Just like the interior, the Grilla’s exterior is a combination of function, form, and durability. The front pivot wheel has a foot lever that makes it remarkably easy to move. The exterior is powder coated for a long-lasting finish that can stand up to high temperatures, though the unit is built to automatically shutdown if it exceeds 615°F or falls below 110°F. Additional high-end features include a healthy 20-lb. hopper capacity, a grease catch that holds standard cans

Durable Construction:

The Grilla isn’t like your average big box store cheap grill. It’s rock-solid, made with heavy-steel construction including a rugged steel fire pot, stainless steel side trays, stainless steel internal components and a thermal metal jacket for year-round cooking efficiency. The wheels are built to last as well as the Grilla comes equipped with 5-inch rubber wheels.

Some of the construction choices on the Grilla will make your life easier in the long haul as well. For example, the EZ Fuel Change Out allows you to quickly and easily switch wood pellets for different flavor profiles. The “no-mess” cord storage eliminates tangles and keeps cords tucked away and out of your way. The fully enclosed fan and auger motor have a maintenance panel in the rear to allow easy access to the auger motor and fan when you need to take a look at those. And when it comes to quick cleaning, you’ll be happy to know the fire pot and igniter remove easily for fast cleanup.

When your Grilla arrives you won’t be messing around for hours to get it up and running. Just put the trays on, plug it in, and load it up with your favorite wood pellet fuel.

Power Requirement:

The Grilla is powered by a standard household three-prong outlet: 120 Volt 50/60hz.

Dimensions & Weight for the Grilla Pro Wood Pellet Smoker Grill:

  • Height: 44 in.
  • Width: 31.5 in.
  • Depth: 29.5 in.
  • Weight: 145 lbs.



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Martin M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Grilla arrived and was well packaged and 99% complete, final Assemly took 5 minutes. Grilling is so easy and so clean. Had it a week and grilled chicken, burgers, fish and a low n slow cooked pork butt.

Grilla Grills

Sounds like a great match for you, thanks for the review Martin!

George B.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Great Gill

I found the Grilla customer service to be great when I had an issue and I’ve now cook my first item, wild turkey breast, which was outstanding. This grill makes a good cook, GREAT. Thanks, Tracy

Grilla Grills

Thanks for leaving the review Tracy, sorry you had an issue to begin with, but I'm glad we got you up and running!

Matthew G.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Really solid quality grill

Really outstanding overall. Would like to see better wheels without having to pay extra for upgrade

Tom M.
United States United States
I recommend this product
A really great smoker

After many, many hours of research, I purchased my Grilla about a year ago. It is the perfect size grill/smoker for the two of us, and the quality and engineering of the unit is superb. The unique and innovative design are an added bonus. Since I already own a gas grill, I bought the Grilla for smoking, and it has been a delight to use. I have smoked pork belly, baby back ribs, turkey breast, a tri-tip, beef ribs, and a standing rib roast which was spectacular. Been quite a learning experience, but I think I am finally getting the hang of it all. The Grilla performs well over a wide temperature range, but wind can be an issue. When the wind gusts, the grill temperature drops quickly, making it more difficult for the Grilla to maintain the setpoint temperature. It is a good idea to protect your Grilla from strong winds. I have called Grilla customer service a couple of times. They are very knowledgeable, unfailingly polite, and very helpful. Thank you. I have attached a photo of my Grilla, sitting next to my gas grill. Some Suggestions for Grilla owners: When you order your Grilla, get the Alpha Pro controller. Don’t even think about it, just get it. The Grilla folks are correct – using mode 1 gives you more accurate temperature but a bit less smoke. Mode 2 if you want more smoky flavor. Buy the Grilla cover. Again, don’t even think about it, just do it. Then go to Cabela’s and get a can or two of their waterproofing spray and treat the top surfaces of the cover to ensure that it is completely waterproof. May have to re-treat this every couple of years or so. Cover the drip pan with heavy duty aluminum foil. Nuff said. Buy a sleeve of 12 ounce plastic cold drink cups from your local Party City. The Grilla folks suggest using a tin can as a grease cup, but these cups fit perfectly in the little wire basket and work just fine. No, they don’t get hot enough to melt. Buy a 26 inch diameter water heater overflow pan ($21.98 at Lowe’s). Put about an inch of water and some dishwashing soap into it. When your cook is finished, put the grid into the pan and let it sit overnight. The next morning, clean up is simple with no scrubbing. Don’t apply too much rub to whatever you are smoking. I did this with one of my early cooks, and the rub and smoke overpowered the meat. Also, think about whether you want mode 1 or mode 2 for the cook (see above). Some brands of pellets, one of which is Traeger, don’t work well in the Grilla. Be sure to use Grilla pellets, or their recommended brands (e.g. Lumberjack). Stay away from any of the big box store pellet brands. For some reason, the other brand pellets make it more difficult for the Grilla to maintain the set temperature. Store your pellets in a container with a tight-fitting lid. If your pellets absorb moisture, they will not feed properly. Suggestions for the Grilla folks: The little window that allows you to see the flame is cool, but it gets covered with smoke and ash. Please provide a way to remove and clean it from the outside of the Grilla without having to remove the grid and drip pan. The pellet dump door is great, but there is a gap on either side right at the hinge that allows pellets to scatter. Suggest you re-design that door a bit to prevent this. One Problem: As I was getting close to the end of a 4 hour cook, the Grilla suddenly stopped feeding pellets and the grill didn’t hold temperature (of course). I looked into the pellet hopper and saw what I thought was a good supply of pellets, so was puzzled. After the cook, there was about a quart of pellets left in the hopper. Not sure why they didn’t continue to feed properly. Summary: A great grill, with great customer support. Produces consistently good results, once you learn how to use it. An excellent grill. Would give it six stars if I could.

Grilla Grills Grilla Pro Wood Pellet Smoker Grill ReviewGrilla Grills Grilla Pro Wood Pellet Smoker Grill ReviewGrilla Grills Grilla Pro Wood Pellet Smoker Grill Review
Grilla Grills

That is one heck of a review Tom. Thank you so much for leaving it, I'll take that feedback to the team. I hope you have a fantastic day!

Sean M.
I recommend this product
Amazing Smoker

My overall experience has been excellent. I have a Grilla w/o the dual mode controller. This smoker puts out great smoke, lights up every time and I've never had a failure or a burn back. Used for long smokes and high temp baking. I've even used it as an air fryer and it just rolls with it. i use it 1 to 3 times a week. Unlike other pellet smokers it seems to not care what temp you set it at, it still produces smoke. I would recommend this unit to anyone. Tip, get the upper rack extension and the upgrade rear wheels.

Grilla Grills

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review Sean!

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