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True story: Two men on a fishing trip, chowin’ down at camp on a plate of ribs. One looks over at the grill (he’s the industrial designer) and says, “Why do all those grills look the same, big ole barrel cut in half.” The other, a metal smith by trade, answers, “Because we haven’t built one.” That’s when the light bulb went off. Why not design and build a smoker-grill that stands apart, literally, from the crowd. Hundreds of design hours later, the Grilla was born.

Fast-forward a few successful years, same two guys. Same idea. Only this time, bring a rock solid, proven smoker-grill to the market using the same streamlined business model that delivers savings to the consumer. Design the grill to efficiently feed you and your friends or the entire neighborhood. Make it easy to use and good-looking. Enter: the Silverbac.

Just like a silverback is the proven and respected leader in a family of mountain gorillas, so too is Silverbac the patriarch of the Grilla family of smoker-grills. No confusing Silverbac with any of these flimsy me-too big box grills. Been there, done that.

And don’t forget Kong, the king of the kamados. This ceramic remake of the ancient classic, Kong is the grill that really wants to be an oven, and vice versa.

All Grilla products, including pellets, sauces and accessories, are available direct to the hungry consumer. No fat in this business model, just pure value meal after delicious meal. Not bad for two fishing buddies. Enjoy!