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Silverbac All-Terrain Alpha Connect - WiFi

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Say hello to the new King of the Jungle, the Silverbac All-Terrain, NOW WITH WIFI! The Silverbac All-Terrain is Grilla Grills' offroad, competition-style, wood pellet grill with our newest Alpha Connect WiFi control board. Engineered to conquer the toughest terrain and withstand the harshest environments, the Silverbac All-Terrain delivers real... Read more >

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Say hello to the new King of the Jungle, the Silverbac All-Terrain, NOW WITH WIFI!

The Silverbac All-Terrain is Grilla Grills' offroad, competition-style, wood pellet grill with our newest Alpha Connect WiFi control board. Engineered to conquer the toughest terrain and withstand the harshest environments, the Silverbac All-Terrain delivers real wood-fired barbeque, no matter where you are. And now, you can also control your Silverbac AT from anywhere too with our new WiFi-enabled controller!

The Silverbac AT was designed with the Pitmaster in mind. The 14 gauge steel frame boasts numerous mounting and bungee ports, allowing for secure transportation and tie-down of all your equipment. Its large rubber wheels allow for easy movement over trailer edges, sidewalks, grass, and gravel.

The AT has Grilla Grills brand new industry defining Alpha Connect technology that  gives you the ability to control your grill from anywhere. The controller takes all of the smart smoking technology from our Alpha Smoke controller and combines it with all of the modern day wireless features you’ve been asking for!  

Whether you’re smoking for 12-hours or quickly grilling up a couple of burgers, the Silverbac AT has a surface area large enough to grill eight whole chickens. Not only is it big enough to cook for a party, it’s durable enough to handle any conditions. Its heavy-duty cart is made to travel over snow, mud, sand, and any other terrain. In addition, our hinged stainless-steel lid, ample work surfaces, convenient storage, automatic wood pellet feed and Set ‘n Forget digital controls are tools you’ll wonder how you ever smoked without. 

The Silverbac AT pellet grill comes with all of the features you’ve come to love with the Silverbac Alpha Connect. Oh, and don’t worry, everything you loved about our Alpha Smoke control board is built right into our new controller. 

New Wireless Alpha Connect Control Board

The Silverbac All-Terrain now comes standard with the Alpha Connect WiFi Control Board. The new controller combines all of Grilla Grills exclusive smoking technology with new, amazing features you’ve all been asking for. 

  • Start or stop your grill from anywhere you have a wireless connection
  • Monitor temperatures, set probe and grill temperature alarms
  • Utilize our new TempTamer technology
  • Get troubleshooting help for when your grill has a hiccup

The new TempTamer technology in the Alpha Connect controller gives you the ability to maintain steady temperatures when you have to open your grill. If you’ve used a pellet grill, you know opening it can cause your temperatures to become unstable. Our new feature tells your grill when you’ve opened your grill, so it knows how to better maintain the level of heat you set!

Of course, our other industry-defining tech from our Alpha Smoke controller is built into the new Alpha Connect board. Meaning you still have the option to cook in Grilla’s traditional Pro mode to maximize smoke, or use the PID mode allowing you to maintain an incredibly steady temperature throughout your cook. 

The AT can cook at temperatures between 180 and 500 degrees in 5-degree increments. The included meat probe and digital control system let you keep close tabs on the grill temperature as well as the temperature of your meat from anywhere. All of the Silverbac AT’s components are made of high-quality materials, including the burn pot, grill grates and heat deflector which are all made of stainless steel.

A Rugged Exterior Built for the Elements

The Silverbac All-Terrain is our most rugged pellet grill yet with, designed to last through season after season. The Silverbac AT’s seams are welded, powder coated and caulked for triple redundant weather protection. A thermal metal jacket helps the grill maintain temperature, along with its sturdy stainless-steel lid. The AT is also highly functional, with wheel’s made of solid rubber and a wagon-style pull lead you’ll be able to take this grill anywhere you go with ease. The Silverbac All-Terrain is built so well you can grill year round no matter how cold it gets outside!

Safety Features

The Silverbac Alpha is built for performance and safety, with shutdown settings that turn the grill off if the temperature exceeds 615°F. When this temperature is reached, shutdown is initiated, and an error message will be displayed on your grill, and on your phone if it is connected. On the other end of the spectrum, if the Silverbac AT drops below 110°F, shutdown is initiated, and an error message will be displayed.

The Silverbac All-Terrain Has Cooking Area to Spare

The Silverbac All-Terrain’s dimensions give you every opportunity to cook for a crowd:

  • Main Cooking Area: 26×19.5=507″
  • Upper Cooking Area: 7×26.5=185″
  • Total Cooking Area: 692″
  • Grill grates made from ¼-inch stainless steel rod
  • Removable top grate
  • Insulated cooking chamber

The Silverbac All-Terrain’s overall dimensions are as follows:

  • Height: 53 in. (Cooking Grate Height is 2" higher and now 36")
  • Width: 47 in.
  • Depth: 30 in.
  • Weight: 195 lbs
  • Cart Width: 31 in.

Power Requirements

  • The Silverbac Alpha is powered by a standard household three-prong outlet: 120 Volt 50/60hz.

4-Year Warranty


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Dara B.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Grills like a dream

I’ve had my Silverbac A-T since June 9 and felt compelled to leave a review. This review is really meant to be especially helpful to all the women out there considering a grill purchase… I’m a total grilling noob. Never needed to learn the skill before now (recently separated after 28 yrs). After much research, I chose the Silverbac and let me just say… it’s the best investment I could’ve made. I absolutely love this grill. After delivery (almost 2 wks to the day after I placed the order), I unboxed it and completely assembled it (you’re gonna need some hand tools). It took me several hrs but the instructions were easy to follow. I only needed a helper to lift the cooker onto the Pro Cart base. I also ordered the grill cover, accessory pack, spice/rub caddy and front shelf. All are super-easy to put on. The Grilla videos are excellent and I feel confident that if/when I need assistance the Grilla customer service team will be there for me. I even picked up the recommended cleaning products mentioned in the grill cleaning tutorial video. Awesome products!! My grill cleans up like a dream!! So far, I’ve cooked a leg of lamb, 2 pork butts, 2 rib racks and filet mignon. ALL were way better than anything my ex cooked on his gas grill. Who’s the pitmaster now?! Thanks Grilla team for this awesome and easy to use grill!

Grilla Grills

This is a phenomenal review, thanks so much Dara! Really glad you're getting the hang of your new grill and making some awesome food!

United States United States
I recommend this product
5 Stars, but....

Previous smoker was propane so I was used to that. Have had plenty of Egg smoked food too. That being said, there was a little learning curve with pellets. At first I wasn't sold on the amount of smoke but after trying a few types of pellets I'm happy. Initially I tried a smoke tube, but all that does is mess with temperature control. Waste of time. I've had no issues with finish so far (maybe 3 months left covered outside for the summer). As others have said, this thing is a tank. The wheels are solid aluminum and when you pick them up for the first time during assembly you'll be impressed. I was a little concerned about the stability of the base when I unpacked the frame, but the team at GG put reinforcements in all the right places and the result is a strong base for the chamber. A couple observations: The included meat probe can be temperamental (errors and runaway temp indications if it's not seated perfectly in the meat). Initial wifi connection was buggy, but has worked flawlessly ever since. I didn't buy this for the internet feature, but I absolutely love it now. Was monitoring my pork shoulder/ribs from a local memorial day parade! The temp control works great after it stabilizes following the initial fire-up. Usually it overshoots and then comes back down. It doesn't like the lid opened...ever. The pause feature is nice, but your best bet is leave the thing closed as much as possible and try to get it closed as fast as possible when you do have to open it. This will reduce temp swings. I normally see maximum +/- 10 degrees (and often only 5 degrees) when I'm not messing around with the lid. Placing the unit in the shade seems to help too. The "But" in the review is this: It's a 5 star smoker and a 3 star grill. I've always had a propane (and sometimes charcoal) grill and this is no substitute for that style of cooking. I hoped it could be and even purchased an add-on set of grates but they just don't cut it. Besides not being able to place meat directly over fire, it takes a long time to get up to grilling temps, like 30-40 minutes, and at those temps it blasts through pellets like you wouldn't believe. Pellet use at smoker temps is really efficient. Anyway, buy a Silverbac, but have a plan if you routinely cook up a few hotdogs, burgers, chicken or steaks. The Silverbac will do it, and it's pretty good, but in my opinion just not quite what experienced grillers are looking for.

Daniel K.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Great smoker and grill.

Great product at a fair price. Compared to any other pellet grill this is by far the best Quality that I’ve seen at this price point. I have the silverbac A/T. The wheels do great on solid ground and ok on driveway gravel. Shipping was a little bit of a problem but worked out in the end. Not all of the grilla grills products ship out of Michigan. Mine shipped out of Texas. That could be a good thing depending on your location. In the end if I was in the market for a new pellet grill I’d definitely buy another grilla grill.

Grilla Grills Silverbac All-Terrain Alpha Connect - WiFi Review
Grilla i.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Good but hoping for better.

I purchased this grill about a month ago and have cooked pulled pork, ribs, brisket and chicken thighs so far. This is my first pellet grill and purchased after owning a vertical charcoal smoker and a vertical propane smoker. Of course, I started off thinking I was just going to purchase a Traeger as that was the only brand I knew, but after doing some research and talking to friends I came across Grilla Grills. The thing that sold me on the Silverbac AT was the cart. I store my grill in my garage and pull it across uneven grass to the back patio. This would be near impossible with the castors or rollerblade wheels on other grills for the same price. My experience with cooking on it has been decent but I was hoping for a little more. I still get 20-30 degree temperature swings on a regular basis even while in PID mode. Also, I have quickly come not to trust the temp probe provided with the unit. The construction is decent and do feel that it is much better built than an equally priced traeger but also feel that if I could have had better wheels on some other units I may have gone with one of those. Can't have it all though.

Cody M.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Good grill

I have used this grill on 5 cooks now, easy to use pretty steady temp. The only complain is the paint on the top of the grill is begging to chip off already, for the price paid I wished it was a little more durable. Other then that I have really enjoyed it.

Grilla Grills

That's definitely not normal Cody, that's usually an issue we only see when the grill has seen a greasefire. Reach out to our customer service and they'll help you get to the bottom of the issue.

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