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Stones and Diffusers for Wood Pellet Grills and Smokers

Heat Diffusers and Cooking Stones

Your kamado grill isn’t just for cooking fall-off-the-bone ribs and tender briskets. With the right set of tools, you can transform it into a multipurpose outdoor kitchen that produces flavorful veggies, mouth-watering pizzas, perfectly toasted hamburger buns and so much more. Ceramic cooking plates, grill diffusers and pizza stones from Grilla Grills are an excellent way to make your kamado grill do more!

Use our diffuser plate to cook low and slow like a pro. These accessories separate the fire from the food to create a convection-like indirect cooking zone, allowing you to cook at low temperatures for longer. In essence, the ceramic stone maximizes convection capabilities by diffusing heat, which prevents long-cooked proteins from burning or drying out. Simply place your ceramic grill diffuser under the grill grates to circulate heat naturally up and around your main ingredients.

Ceramic Stones for Grills

In addition to multipurpose heat diffusers, we also carry grill pizza stones that turn your kamado or pellet grill into a foolproof pizza oven. To use it, simply place the pizza stone on top of the grill grates and allow it to reach your target temp. Place your pizza atop the stone and watch as it cooks perfectly and evenly, with zero burning around the edges or random hot spots. Go big with a patio pizza night and let everybody top their own! You can even use your stone for homemade bread, biscuits, naan, quesadillas and more.

Shop our kamado and pellet grill stones and diffusers to grow your cooking repertoire and master the art of smoking. Ours are made of high-quality ceramic for the best temperature regulation and diffusion possible.

Kong Kamado Grill Diffuser

Diffuser for Kong

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pizza stone for grill

Pizza Stone For Grill

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