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Get the Best Grilla Gear for Your Outdoor Kitchen

The Grilla Grills BBQ Island is the ultimate luxury outdoor kitchen setup for the avid backyard pitmaster! Here you can find everything that we have to add-on to your outdoor kitchen. Keep checking back on this page as this is where we will add all of the accessories and new modular pieces that we release in the future!

As you know our BBQ Island is constructed with heavy duty 430 Stainless Steel, an attractive black granite countertop, and modular construction to custom-fit to your outdoor kitchen area. The island is made to fit all Grilla Grills Pellet and Kamado style grills, however, it will fit many other styles of grill as well.

Become the Backyard BBQ Master

With this outdoor kitchen setup you will be able to get all of the benefits of working from inside grilling in the comfort of your own backyard. Coming in at just under 8 ft. this three-piece island comes with a large cabinet section that has 1 drawer and 2 cabinet doors for anything you need to store. 

The second piece is a smaller cabinet with two drawers built in, one for storing tools like brushes and injectors, and a second that is large enough to house a trashcan saving you from having to run inside everytime you want to place something in the garbage.

Finally, the third piece is where you will be placing your grill. The grill base is customizable and meant to be able to hold most grill styles from Kamado, to Pellet Smokers and more. Beneath the 48”-wide base are 2 large heavy duty drawers where you can store fuel, tools, or anything else you may need. It even comes with a place where you can feed through your power cords should you like to hide them for a more neat appearance.

Make it your own

The Grilla Grills BBQ Island comes in 3-modular stainless steel pieces that can be fit together any way you choose. You can even decide how tall you’d like the countertop to sit with it’s adjustable leveling feet for each section. Down the road as we garner feedback we will be creating new modular pieces that you can add-on to your island if they fit your style. 

The Grilla Grills BBQ Island is made to fit each of our grills, but is also able to be used with many other grills as well. The island comes with 2 stainless steel brackets to fit the Silverbac, as well as 3-ceramic pads to fit most ceramic Kamado style grills. If you already have a SilverbacChimpGrilla or Kong we can guarantee it will fit on the island. However, if you don’t have one yet, the grill base is able to be used with most grills that fit within the 45” platform!

BBQ Island  (Ships Mid June)

BBQ Island (Ships Mid June)

BBQ Island Cover (Ships Mid June)

BBQ Island Cover (Ships Mid June)

Silverbac Alpha Built-In

Silverbac Alpha Built-In


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